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Taste This Fish Portfolio

Step into the delicious world of Taste This Fish, where Kurieta's creative touch covers both the virtual and real dimensions. This case study follows the path of a company focused to providing the best fish batter experience through website design, package design, and brand identification.


We integrated woo-commerce into Taste the Fish website for seamless e-commerce functionality.


Conducted market research, and designed packaging that balances aesthetics and functionality.

Website Development

We developed a visually appealing website that showcase the company’s product beautifully.

Client's Vision and Challenges

Taste This Fish aims to convey the message behind fish batter. The goal was to transform this concept into a website. The idea was to connect the digital experience to the real delight of opening a Taste This Fish product.


1. Website Development:

Successfully designed and developed the Taste This Fish website, creating a virtual space that aligns with the company's vision and offers users a platform to explore products and make purchases.

2. Website Content:

Provided compelling and engaging website content that effectively communicates the essence of Taste This Fish's mission and products. The content ensures that users have a comprehensive understanding of the company's commitment to delivering the best fish batter experience.

3. Digital Graphics:

Designed and implemented digital graphics on the website to enhance the visual appeal and user experience. The digital graphics contribute to creating an exciting and immersive online environment, reflecting the quality and uniqueness of Taste This Fish products.

4. WooCommerce Integration:

Integrated woocommerce functionality into the website, enabling a smooth and efficient online purchasing experience for users. The WooCommerce integration allows Taste This Fish to manage product listings, track inventory, and facilitate secure transactions, enhancing the overall e-commerce capabilities of the website.


Finally, Kurieta's dedication with Taste This Fish shows our commitment to delivering a complete brand experience. The website design, packaging, and brand identity all work in sync to ensure that Taste This Fish's mission is not only visible but also felt by customers. This case study highlights Kurieta's dedication to giving businesses with the tools they need to succeed in a competitive market through website design, packaging design, and brand development.