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MST Portfolio

MST is a logistics powerhouse created in 2007 by the same family that owns MSL Company. MST is a trustworthy partner known for its quality and simplified logistics, providing rapid and effective shipping solutions. MST provides timely delivery, reduced wait times, and exceptional customer service by operating a private fleet and focusing on local and regional transportation.

Website Development:

We developed a website, focusing on user-friendliness, information accessibility, and a visually appealing online presence that accurately represents the company’s services.

User-Centric Interface:

We created a user-centric interface to enhance the online experience, allowing clients and partners to easily navigate MST’s offerings, mission, and vision.

Educational Content:

Emphasized the importance of clear and concise content to enhance the user’s understanding of MST’s commitment to quality service.

Client's Vision and Challenges

MST, which was created together with MSL Company and is owned by the same family, aspires to be a reliable and effective logistics partner. The objective was to transform their focus to quick and dependable transportation options into a web presence that reflected their commitment to quality.

Project Objectives

1. WordPress Website:

Developed a WordPress website that operates as an engaging and educational platform, highlighting MST's dedication to expertise in logistics and transportation services.

2. User-Centric Interface:

Create a worthwhile online experience by developing a user-centric interface that helps clients and partners to easily navigate around MST's offerings, mission, and vision.

Our Approach

Kurieta's strategy included an in-depth knowledge of MST's distinct brand as well as logistics skills. The WordPress website was built to be strong, giving an effective platform which highlights the company's commitment to prompt and dependable transportation solutions. The focus was on developing an interactive user experience that not only displays MST's services but also engages visitors in their goal and vision.

The Result

The outcomes were transformative. The MST WordPress website turned into a central hub for clients and partners, providing an engaging and educational experience. The user-friendly layout made it simple to navigate through the company's offerings, mission, and vision. The website effectively communicated MST's dedication to logistics perfection, making it an essential tool in creating their online profile.


Finally, Kurieta's collaboration with MST highlights our commitment to turning a company's ideals into an engaging online identity. The WordPress website reflects MST's dedication to logistics and transportation expertise. This case study shows Kurieta's commitment to using digital solutions, providing businesses have the tools they need to compete in the competitive logistics market.