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Doggie Stylz Website Portfolio

Doggie Stylz

Doggie Stylz is a mobile pet grooming solution designed for the customer's convenience and comfort. Doggie Stylz's dedicated professional team guarantees that pets receive the best possible care, going above and beyond to keep them clean and comfortable. Known for their love of animals, they provide pets with a memorable grooming experience, including Full Grooming, Styling, Bath & Dry, and specialist Medical Baths.

Website Development

This deliverable entails designing and building a  WordPress website, focusing on user-friendliness, information accessibility, and a visually appealing online presence that accurately represents the company’s services.

Appointment Booking System

By incorporating a system inspired by Calendly, we created a feature that allows the appointment scheduling process for pet owners, offering a convenient and hassle-free way to book grooming services. 

CMS Integration and Launch

Our team integrated WordPress CMS into the website, made final adjustments based on client feedback, and launched the site. 

Client's Vision and Challenges

Doggie Stylz, with a decade-long grooming experience, seeks to provide outstanding care through a mobile pet grooming service. The objective was to build a digital set up that easily expresses their love for animals, their transition to a mobile grooming service, and their commitment to giving the best possible care to dogs.

Our Approach

1. Website Design and Development: Design and develop an engaging website that effectively communicates Doggie Stylz's story, services, and commitment to pet care.

2. User-Oriented Content: Develop user-oriented content that highlights Doggie Stylz's journey, services offered, and the passion behind their professional team.

3.Appointment Booking System: We implemented an intuitive "Book an Appointment" system on the website, that allows pet owners a convenient hassle-free way to book grooming services.

The Result

The outcomes were transformative. The Doggie Stylz website created an immersive experience for customers, effectively communicating the brand's story and the wide range of services available. Visitors were captivated by the user-focused material, which provided insights into Doggie Stylz's journey and devotion to ensuring pets are clean, comfortable, and cared for to the highest standards.


Kurieta's cooperation with Doggie Stylz shows our commitment to convert a brand's identity into an engaging online presence. The website demonstrates Doggie Stylz's passion for pet care by providing an effective and engaging platform for clients. This case study exemplifies Kurieta's dedication to implementing digital solutions that help businesses succeed in the competitive pet grooming market.