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We Are Your Team.

Kurieta was born in Lafayette, Indiana in the dorm room of Purdue University. Our founder Vikrant Neb left his home country (India), to get exposed to the global world and chose Purdue as his alma matter. He found a big gap in the industry, took a GIANT LEAP and started Kurieta. Now we are a team of experienced individuals in the field of Marketing, Technology and Business. We are here to help the companies grow and succeed.

We are your team and not an agency!

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Team Members
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Note from our Founder

Growth is in the Mindset

While studying at Purdue University our founder worked with some smaller companies and some corporations. He realized that there are the Big 4 for the corporations but no consulting company to help a small company to grow. With the vision of helping small to mid-sized companies succeed Vikrant started Kurieta in 2015.

Kurieta Was Born

Kurieta started as a small compoany with just one person. Kurieta means "creator" in japanese. Our founder chose the name because of his love with the lean systems (from Japan) and with the vision to Create a company which becomes "Creator" of Growth and Success!

Dec 2015

First Client

Kurieta got its first client after 6 months of being in business. Definetly a close call, if another week went by with no business. Kurieta would not have existed as a company today!

June 2016

Big Leap - First Hiring and Goal of 5 Clients

Kurieta got blessed with 5 successful clients and the continued growth helped us hire our first employee and then 2 more in the same month!

Sep 2016


Kurieta helped its clients grow and now was the time for Kurieta to grow as a company exponentially. Kurieta's management decided to expand its service offering in the field of Website Deveolopment and Social Media Marketing.

Dec 2017

Lets go Global!

Kurieta acquired its first client in Dubai. This was just the beginning through the warm support of our clients we started getting referrals from other countries.

Aug 2018

Planning for the next phase of Growth

With the constanst support of happy clients Kurieta was getting notices accross all the channels. Kurieta decided to add Software deveolopment as a service. Team strength grew to 47 team members.


With this Kurieta started to plan its expansion to US.

Jan 2019

Global Expansion

Our founder decided to go back to Purdue to complete his Master's from Purdue University and at the same time started our US division and chose Indianapolis, Indiana to be the place for our US Headquarters. 

May 2019

Most Interesting year in a decade - COVID

We all remember and can never forget 2020! Similar to all the businesses accross the globe, we were hit with the down of the pandemic. Kurieta was just 6 months in to our US launch and we had to pause our growth plan and take a step back.

Apr 2020

Resillience and Survival

Our founder Vikrant taught the company and its clients how to be resillient, careful and thankful at the same time. We faught through the pandemic, ensured none of our clients or partners go out of business in fact sustained the revenues and growth for us and for our clients by re-strategizing.

Jan 2021

Bounce Back

The dust from the Pandemic settled, the whole world suffered from a big change and loss. But it was time to keep our head high and move forward as the life must go on! We came back even stronger, it was time to stabalize the company. Re-energize the team and get back to normal!

Jan 2022

Lets Grow Toghether!

We are now back again on our Growth track. Our happy customers helped our team to get back on the growth path we were on pre-covid. We are ready to grow toghether with you all!

Jan 2023

Let Us be your Team!

Let's get on a call explore synergies, we will be your Marketing and Technology team, or an extention to your current team. Click on Get Started!