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V24 Works Website Portfolio

V24 Staffing, a prominent staffing company based in Indianapolis, Indiana, approached Kurieta with an exciting challenge. They were expanding their services to include a new division focused on Professional Employer Organization (PEO) services. To reflect this transformation and expansion, V24 Staffing needed a complete rebranding, resulting in the birth of V24 Works. Kurieta was entrusted with rebranding the company and developing a custom WordPress website. This project also required technical SEO implementation and the installation of Google Analytics to monitor conversion rates. The most remarkable aspect of this endeavor was the tight deadline, as the entire project needed to be completed within a mere 10 days.

Re Branding

This deliverable involves creating a new brand identity for V24 Staffing, including designing a new logo, visual elements, and messaging, to align with their transition to V24 Works and their expanded PEO services.

Website Development

This deliverable entails designing and building a custom WordPress website for V24 Works, focusing on user-friendliness, information accessibility, and a visually appealing online presence that accurately represents the company’s services.

Technical SEO

This deliverable involves implementing various technical aspects on the website to enhance its search engine visibility and performance, ensuring that it ranks well in search results and attracts organic traffic.

The Brief

V24 Works : Rebranding and Website Development to showcase addition of PEO services to a staffing company

The project revolved around two main objectives: 1. Rebranding:
Kurieta was tasked with reimagining V24 Staffing as V24 Works. This rebranding encompassed logo design, visual identity, and messaging to establish a new brand image that accurately represented their expanded range of services.
2. Website Design and Development:
Kurieta was responsible for creating a dynamic, user-friendly, and informative website for V24 Works. This included selecting the appropriate technology and content management system for the website, as well as implementing technical SEO and setting up Google Analytics to track website performance.


Several significant challenges presented themselves during this project:

  1. 1. Tight Timeline: The client required the project to be completed within an exceptionally short timeframe of just 10 days. This demanded precise planning and efficient resource allocation to ensure on-time delivery.

  2. 2. Rebranding Complexity: Transforming V24 Staffing into V24 Works involved more than just changing a name. It required a comprehensive rebranding strategy, including designing a new logo and creating a consistent visual identity.

  3. 3. Technical SEO: Implementing technical SEO elements while adhering to the tight timeline was a demanding task, requiring the team to be exceptionally skilled and efficient.

  4. 4. Google Analytics Setup: Ensuring the accurate setup of Google Analytics for conversion tracking within the limited timeframe was crucial for measuring the success of the project.

The Solution

Kurieta tackled these challenges by employing a strategic approach:

  1. 1. Project Management: A dedicated project manager was appointed to oversee every aspect of the project. A detailed project plan was created to allocate resources efficiently and ensure adherence to the tight schedule.

  2. 2. Rebranding Expertise: Kurieta's creative team worked closely with V24 Works to develop a new brand identity, including a distinctive logo and consistent visual elements that conveyed the company's expanded service offerings.

  3. 3. Custom WordPress Development: Kurieta selected WordPress as the content management system due to its flexibility and efficiency in delivering websites swiftly. The development team customized the WordPress platform to meet V24 Works' specific needs.

  4. 4. Technical SEO Implementation: Kurieta's SEO experts swiftly integrated essential technical SEO elements to optimize the website's performance in search engine rankings.

  5. 5. Google Analytics Integration: Kurieta ensured that Google Analytics was correctly set up to monitor website traffic, user behavior, and conversion rates.

The Result

The collaboration between Kurieta and V24 Staffing, which culminated in the birth of V24 Works, was a resounding success. The key outcomes of this project included:

  1. 1. Timely Delivery: Despite the demanding 10-day timeline, Kurieta delivered the rebranding and website development project on schedule.

  2. 2. Effective Rebranding: V24 Works' new brand identity effectively communicated their expanded services, enhancing their market positioning and competitiveness.

  3. 3. Professional Website: The custom WordPress website was not only completed swiftly but also showcased V24 Works' services, contributing to an improved online presence.

  4. 4. Optimized SEO: The technical SEO implementation ensured that the website was well-prepared for search engine visibility, which is crucial for attracting potential clients.

  5. 5. Data-Driven Decisions: With Google Analytics in place, V24 Works now has the tools to track and analyze user behavior and conversion rates, allowing for data-driven marketing strategies.

In conclusion, Kurieta's collaboration with V24 Staffing in rebranding to V24 Works and developing a custom WordPress website under a tight 10-day deadline exemplifies the agency's ability to meet client needs efficiently and effectively. This project not only successfully transformed the company's image but also set the stage for continued growth and success in the PEO industry.

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