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Case Study – SMM & PPC For A Lawn Care Company

This case study explores the implementation of a strategic social media marketing (SMM) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign for a lawn care company based in Indianapolis. The objective was to boost conversions and enhance brand awareness in the local market. By leveraging targeted SMM strategies and PPC campaigns, the company aimed to generate leads, increase website traffic, and ultimately grow their customer base. This case study outlines the approach, tactics, and outcomes achieved through the SMM and PPC initiatives.

Build Brand Awareness

Increasing brand awareness through social media posting & boosting in the local market

Drive Conversations

Driving conversations through targeted ads, social media posts, social media messaging

Generate Leads

Generating leads & prospects in the local area via social media messages & landing page forms


The lawn care company based in Indianapolis is a locally owned and operated business that specializes in providing high-quality lawn care, maintenance, and landscaping services. Although they have a strong presense in the area, they were looking for a reliable way to generate new leads for their services and stay in touch with existing customers.

The Strategy

To maximize brand awareness and drive business growth for the lawn care company in Indianapolis, a comprehensive strategy incorporating both social media marketing (SMM) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising will be implemented.

In the SMM strategy, the first step is to identify the target audience through thorough research. This involves understanding the demographics, interests, and online behaviors of the local target audience in Indianapolis. Based on this information, the most relevant and popular social media platforms for the target audience, such as Facebook and Instagram, are selected.

Content creation plays a crucial role in engaging the audience. Engaging and visually appealing content is developed, showcasing the company’s lawn care services. This includes sharing lawn maintenance tips, before-and-after transformations, customer testimonials, and seasonal promotions. A consistent posting schedule is implemented to maintain audience engagement, utilizing a mix of informative posts, images, videos, and interactive content.

Community engagement is a vital aspect of the SMM strategy. The company actively responds to comments, messages, and inquiries in a timely manner, demonstrating exceptional customer service and building rapport with the audience. Encouraging customers to share their experiences and photos through user-generated content further enhances brand credibility and authenticity.

To expand reach and increase brand visibility, targeted social media advertising campaigns are implemented. Platforms like Facebook Ads are utilized to reach a wider audience in Indianapolis. These campaigns are designed to drive traffic to the company’s website or landing pages, generating qualified leads.

In addition to SMM, a PPC advertising campaign is deployed to further enhance brand awareness and drive conversions. Thorough keyword research is conducted to identify relevant search terms and phrases potential customers may use when looking for lawn care services in Indianapolis. Compelling ad copy and captivating visuals are created to highlight the company’s unique selling points. Dedicated landing pages are developed to align with the ad content and provide a seamless user experience.

Precise ad targeting parameters, such as location targeting within Indianapolis and demographic filters, are implemented to ensure ads reach the most relevant audience. The performance of the PPC campaigns is continuously monitored and optimized based on data-driven insights to maximize conversions and return on ad spend (ROAS).

To ensure consistent brand messaging, a cohesive brand identity and messaging are maintained across all marketing channels, including social media platforms and PPC campaigns. Integration and tracking mechanisms, such as Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics, are implemented to measure the effectiveness of SMM and PPC efforts, track conversions, and make informed decisions for future optimizations.

The Result

1. Increased Brand Awareness

The SMM efforts resulted in a substantial increase in brand awareness among the target audience in Indianapolis. The consistent and engaging content shared on social media platforms reached a larger audience, leading to higher visibility and recognition of the lawn care company.

2. Enhanced Customer Engagement

The interactive nature of the SMM strategy led to increased customer engagement. By promptly responding to comments, messages, and inquiries, the company built strong relationships with its audience, fostering trust and loyalty. User-generated content and customer testimonials further amplified engagement and encouraged positive word-of-mouth.

3. Lead Generation and Conversions

The integrated strategy generated a notable growth in lead generation. The PPC campaigns, in particular, delivered highly targeted traffic to dedicated landing pages, resulting in a higher number of qualified leads. The SMM efforts also contributed to lead generation through engagement and sharing of contact information by interested prospects.

4. ROI and Cost Efficiency

Continuous monitoring and optimization of the PPC campaigns helped improve the return on investment (ROI) and cost efficiency. By refining ad targeting, adjusting keywords, and optimizing landing pages, the company achieved a higher conversion rate and improved the return on ad spend (ROAS), making the PPC campaigns more cost-effective.

Key Figures

250,000+ Ad impressions

1250 New followers gained on social media platforms

288 New leads generated

Social media enganement increased by 600%

Testimonial From Company Management

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