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Secured Site Services Portfolio

Secured Site Services is an Indianapolis-based Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small commercial with a rich history of military and commercial success dating back nearly 70 years. They use lean methodology and savings techniques to create safe and efficient workplaces. Secured Site Services is at the epicenter of professionalism and workplace productivity, with a purpose to create innovative collaborations that promote mutual greatness.

Wire Framing

Our team worked closely with the client to create a clear and intuitive layout for the new website.

UI/UX Design

We focused on improving the navigation and reducing the number of clicks required to reach important pages.

CMS Integration and Launch

Our team integrated WordPress CMS into the website, made final adjustments based on client feedback, and launched the site.

Client's Vision and Challenges

Secured Site Services' goal goes beyond business to include a dedication to establishing reliable and secure workplaces through the use of lean methodology and reduction of expenses techniques. The goal was to translate this vision into a digital presence that reflected their commitment to success and the development of partnerships that encourage mutual excellence.

Our Approach

Kurieta approached the project with an in-depth understanding of Secured Site Services' own brand. The website design goal was to create a successful platform that communicates the company's dedication to safety, productivity, and lean methods in an effortless way. The logo design sought to be lively, expressing the organization's DNA of professionalism and competence. The collaborative process guaranteed that every aspect reflected the company's dedication to improving worker security and productivity.

The Result

The Secured Site Services website became a digital expression of their dedication, providing visitors with an easy and engaging experience. The logo became a visual expression of the organization's purpose and professionalism, making a lasting impression on clients and partners. The web presence successfully communicated the powerful and innovative nature of Secured Site Services.


In conclusion, Kurieta's work with Secured Site Services demonstrates our dedication to turning a client's vision into a digital reality. The seamless integration of website design and logo creation has raised Secured Site Services' online visibility, perfectly fitting with their aim of creating safe and efficient workplaces. This case study demonstrates our ability to use design and digital techniques to highlight our clients' competence and professionalism.I