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MSL Website Portfolio

In collaboration with MSL COPACK + ECOMM, our team embarked on a transformative journey to revamp their online presence through a custom website design and development project. The primary focus was on enhancing the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) while preserving the essential content from the existing website. The project also involved the creation of infographics to facilitate a clearer understanding of MSL's services.

UI/UX Enhancement

Website design that focuse on improving UI and UX for a more engaging user experience. Prioritized user-friendly navigation to enhance overall website usability.

Content Optimization

Retained core content from the existing website, refining and optimizing it to align with the new design. Emphasized clarity and conciseness in conveying MSL’s expertise and commitment.

Infographic Integration

Created strategically placed infographics to supplement textual content, facilitating clearer communication of key messages.Enhanced understanding of complex processes through visually appealing graphics.

Client Background

MSL COPACK + ECOMM, a stalwart in contract packaging and logistics since 2003, approached us to modernize their digital platform. With over two decades of experience, the company is renowned for its ability to deliver successful outcomes, even in challenging scenarios. MSL's core competency lies in efficient co-packaging and logistics, ensuring products reach their intended destinations on time.

Project Objectives

1. UI/UX Enhancement

The primary goal was to revamp the website's design, placing a strong emphasis on improving the UI and UX to create a more engaging and user-friendly experience.

2. Content Optimization:

While retaining the core content from the existing website, our team worked on tweaking and optimizing the information to align with the new design and enhance its effectiveness.

3. Infographic Integration:

To enhance communication and understanding, infographics were created strategically, supplementing textual content to convey key messages more effectively.

4. Reflecting Company Values:

The CEO's emphasis on the company's success being reflected in numbers led to the creation of a dedicated section showcasing MSL's achievements, reinforcing the brand's commitment to excellence.


Content Refinement: The existing content was reviewed and refined to ensure it resonated with the new design. Emphasis was placed on clarity and conciseness to effectively communicate MSL's expertise and commitment.

Infographic Design: Infographics were developed to visually represent complex processes, making it easier for visitors to comprehend the range of services offered by MSL.

Numerical Showcase: The dedicated section highlighting MSL's achievements was strategically placed on the website, providing a snapshot of the company's success in numerical terms.

The Result

We also made the information on the site clearer and more interesting, so visitors could easily understand what MSL is all about. Adding pictures and charts (infographics) made the site look even better and helped explain things more easily. We also showed off MSL's achievements with numbers, just like the CEO wanted, proving that they're doing great.


The MSL COPACK + ECOMM website redesign project successfully combined aesthetic enhancements with strategic content adjustments, resulting in an online platform that not only reflects the company's rich history but also positions it as a contemporary leader in contract packaging and logistics. The collaborative effort between our team and MSL exemplifies the power of design, content, and innovation in creating a digital presence that resonates with both existing and potential clients.