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Business Consulting – Lean Six Sigma

Kurieta took on a Lean Six Sigma project for an LED Manufacturing company with the aim of improving production capacity.

Time Study

We conducted a thorough time study analysis to identify the bottlenecks in the manufacturing process and find ways to optimize it.

Process Optimization

We performed a detailed analysis of the production line to identify areas where we could eliminate unnecessary steps and reduce overall production time.

Cost Optimization

We identified opportunities to reduce production costs by optimizing the use of raw materials, improving worker productivity and reducing waste.

The Brief

Lean Six Sigma Consulting - LED Manufacturing

The LED manufacturing company was facing challenges with their production process. They were not able to produce enough units to meet the growing demand and the per-piece production cost was high. They needed to optimize their process and increase their production capacity.


The main problem was that the production process was not optimized, leading to lower production capacity and higher per-piece production cost. This was affecting their profitability and growth.

The Solution

We applied the principles of line balancing, time studies, and motion study to optimize the production process. By analyzing the process, we were able to identify areas of improvement and implement changes that led to a 12.7% increase in efficiency. This resulted in an increase in production capacity from 7,000 units to 12,000 units and a reduction in per-piece production cost.

The Result

Our solution helped the LED manufacturing company to increase their production capacity and reduce per-piece production cost. This resulted in increased profitability and growth for the company. They were able to meet the growing demand and expand their business.

Testimonial From CEO

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