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Business Consulting – Grocery Aggregator

Kurieta was approached by a founder with a promising business idea, but lacking technical expertise to bring it to life. The idea was to create a platform similar to Instacart, but the founder needed help understanding how the platform should be built and the associated costs.

Market Research

We analyzed the existing competitors in the market and their platforms.

Scope Analysis

We conducted a detailed analysis of the project scope to understand the requirements and constraints.

Tech Recommendation

We recommended the appropriate technologies and tools to build the platform based on the client’s business goals and budget.

The Brief

Grocery Selivery Platform

The client approached Kurieta with a business plan for a grocery delivery platform, seeking help with the technology component of the plan. As a startup, the client had limited technical knowledge and was unsure about the technical requirements, costs, and feasibility of the project.


The client's lack of technical expertise made it difficult for them to understand the requirements for building a robust grocery delivery platform. They needed help with selecting the right technology stack, creating a detailed roadmap, and understanding the associated costs.


Kurieta provided tech consulting services to the client, helping them understand the technical requirements and costs of building a grocery delivery platform. We recommended the right technology stack and created a detailed roadmap for the development of the platform. We also helped the client incorporate this information into their business plan to help them raise funds.

The Result

With Kurieta's help, the client was able to create a comprehensive business plan that included a detailed technical roadmap and cost analysis. This helped them secure funding for their startup and set them on the path to success. Kurieta's expertise in technology consulting helped the client turn their idea into a reality, providing them with the technical guidance they needed to build a successful platform.

Testimonial From The Founder

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