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V24 Branding Portfolio

V24 Staffing is a staffing company based in Indianapolis, IN, formelry called Venture-USA Staffing. Kurieta was tasked with re-branding the company's identity to match their vision and growth trajectory. Our team understood the vision of the management and re-branded the companies identity by designing a new logo, selecting the appropriate color pallet and designing the website User interface to match the vision of the company.


We helped V24 Staffing develop a fresh and modern brand identity that accurately reflects their values and mission.

Logo Design

We created a new logo that is eye-catching, memorable, and represents the company’s core values.

Website UI/UX Design

We designed a new website for V24 Staffing with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

The Brief

Rebranding To Match the vision and for future

The client approached Kurieta with the aim of re-branding the companies identity to match the current trends and to ensure the message of the companie's vision is delivered to the audience.


1. Brand Awareness:

With a new brand, numerous challenges arise, the most one being brand awareness. The most important step for a new brand is to gain enough traction among the target audience.

2. Highly Competitive Market:

The staffing industry has some of the biggest players and is an extremely competitive market. To be able to successfully launch a brand in such tough competition takes a lot of meticulous planning and strategizing.

The Solution

Working on a brand from scratch is an extremely challenging task that must be undertaken with due domain knowledge and research. To make sure that all of the decisions were taken with due knowledge, our team focussed on a thorough market research initially. Following this we worked on the brand name, identity, logo design etc. The entire packaging and design process was handled by Kurieta. Alongside these activities, the ecommerce website was designed and the marketing campaigns were planned to optimally make an impression on social media. With the coordinated efforts of our teams, the brand was successfully launched

Testimonial from the CEO

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