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Tarishi Branding Portfolio

Tibarumal & Sons are well renowned family jewellers in Hyderabad, India known for their eclectic designs and excellent craftsmanship. With a significant presence within their communities for over a century, Tibarumal & Sons have touched hearts generation after generation.

The key to their success has been a willingness to embrace change whilst retaining their traditional values. Keen to strengthen the connection between their rich legacy and modern day utility wear, they turned to Kurieta for guidance.


We crafted a new brand identity for Tibarumal & Sons to reflect their traditional values while embracing modernity.

Logo Design

We designed a unique and timeless logo that reflects Tibarumal & Sons’ legacy and craftsmanship.

Marketing Strategy

We developed a tailored marketing strategy to enhance the brand’s reach and increase customer engagement.

The Brief

Rebranding To Modernise A Traditional Family Business

Our main direction from Tibarumal & Sons was to rebrand and create a new brand that would feel fresh and modern and at the same time take the existing legacy forward. The goal was to achieve something traditional yet modern. Taking into account the new store location, we had to work on a strategy to attract new customers and retain existing ones


1.Geographic Market Shift:

Earlier the store was located in the Charminar area of Hyderabad. With the relocation to Shaikpet come new challenges like communicating the move and ensuring maximum customer access.

2. Familiarity:

With the new Brand Name, logo and Store, another major challenge is to be able to maintain the same association with the previous brand. This is important to retain old customers and draw in new customers based on the legacy of Tibarumal & Sons.

3. Inclusivity:

Another challenge that rises is to extend the product range of a traditional family jeweller to the working millennials. The goal was to position it as a brand that’s meaningful yet attainable for all.

The Solution

To address the geographic market shift, we developed a comprehensive marketing plan that included targeted advertising on social media and local publications. We also designed and implemented a new website with an easy-to-use store locator feature to ensure maximum customer access.

To maintain familiarity with the old brand, we conducted thorough research on Tibarumal & Sons' history and values, and incorporated them into the new branding and logo design. This allowed us to maintain the connection with the previous brand and attract new customers based on the brand's legacy.

To extend the product range to working millennials, we designed a new brand identity that is both traditional and modern. We curated a marketing strategy that showcases Tibarumal & Sons' products as a meaningful and attainable luxury brand. We also created a social media presence that engages with younger audiences and showcases the brand's modern designs.We build and activate brands through cultural insight, strategic vision, and the power of emotion across every element of its expression


With the new branding, logo, and marketing strategy, Tibarumal & Sons was able to successfully communicate their move and increase customer access. The new brand identity and logo design allowed for a seamless transition while maintaining the connection to the previous brand.

The inclusion of modern designs and marketing efforts targeting working millennials resulted in a significant increase in sales and a younger customer base.

Tibarumal & Sons has successfully positioned themselves as a meaningful yet attainable luxury brand, bridging the gap between tradition and modernity.We build and activate brands through cultural insight, strategic vision, and the power of emotion across every element of its expression

Testimonial From the Director of Tibarumal

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