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Solar Earth Branding

Solar Earth Landscaping, an Indianapolis-based landscaping company, approached Kurieta with the goal of rebranding their business, creating a new logo, and designing a new website user interface to match their new brand identity. Our team was thrilled to take on this project and work closely with the Solar Earth Landscaping team to bring their vision to life.

Logo Design

We created a unique and recognizable logo for Solar Earth Lawn Care that reflects the brand’s eco-friendly values.

Brand Identity

We developed a comprehensive branding strategy that included a color scheme, to align with their values.

Website UI/UX Design

We designed a user-friendly and visually appealing website interface that effectively showcases Solar Earth Lawn Care’s services and values.

The Brief

Solar Earth Lawn Care : Brand Identity

The goal of this project was to create a new brand identity for Solar Earth Landscaping that accurately reflected their values, mission, and expertise. Additionally, our team was tasked with designing a new website user interface that would provide a seamless and enjoyable experience for visitors.


Solar Earth Landscaping's previous branding and website user interface did not accurately reflect their expertise and the quality of their work. They needed a fresh and modern brand identity that would stand out in a crowded industry and attract new customers. Additionally, their previous website user interface was outdated, difficult to navigate, and did not effectively showcase their services.

One of the biggest challenges in this project was developing a new brand identity that accurately reflected Solar Earth Landscaping's values and expertise. Our team conducted extensive research on the landscaping industry, the target audience, and Solar Earth Landscaping's mission and values to inform the design process. Another challenge was designing a new website user interface that was visually appealing, easy to navigate, and effectively showcased the company's services.

The Solution

To address Solar Earth Landscaping's branding needs, we developed several initial logo concepts for client review and feedback, taking inspiration from nature, sustainability, and the company's commitment to high-quality work. After refining the chosen logo concept, we created a full brand identity that included a color palette, typography, and design elements. For the website user interface, we created a modern and visually appealing design that made it easy for visitors to navigate and learn about Solar Earth Landscaping's services. We also incorporated engaging visuals, clear calls to action, and easy-to-use contact forms.


The result of our work was a stunning new brand identity that accurately reflects Solar Earth Landscaping's values, mission, and expertise. The new logo and brand identity stand out in a crowded industry and help the company attract new customers. The new website user interface provides a seamless and enjoyable experience for visitors, effectively showcasing the company's services and encouraging engagement. Overall, Solar Earth Landscaping was thrilled with the outcome of the project and is proud to showcase their new brand identity and website.

Testimonial from the CEO

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