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Radiate Branding Portfolio

Radiate is a start-up company that provides innovative solutions to help individuals and organizations improve their overall health and well-being. With a focus on wellness and mindfulness, Radiate offers a range of products and services that help customers cultivate healthy habits and achieve a more balanced lifestyle. Through cutting-edge technology and personalized coaching, Radiate empowers individuals to make positive changes and live their best lives.

Logo Design

Developed initial concepts, and refined chosen design to accurately represent brand and values.

Brand Identity

Created brand style guide, designed branded collateral, and developed brand guidelines.


Conducted market research, and designed packaging that balances aesthetics and functionality.

The Brief

Radiate : Branding Identity

Radiate wanted a brand identity that would reflect their commitment to natural, cruelty-free ingredients and their goal of empowering women to feel confident and radiant in their own skin. They wanted a design that was modern and sophisticated, yet approachable and friendly. Our team had to create a design that would capture the brand's vision while also standing out from the competition.


One of the challenges we faced was creating a design that effectively conveyed Radiate's key USPs, including their use of natural ingredients and commitment to sustainability, without being too heavy-handed. We also had to ensure that the design was versatile enough to be used across various products and packaging formats. Additionally, we needed to ensure that the design stood out in the crowded beauty market while also staying true to the brand's values and identity.

The Solution

Our team took a comprehensive approach to Radiate's brand identity design, starting with a thorough understanding of their brand values and target audience.

We created a logo that captured the brand's key message of radiance and used a color palette that evoked feelings of warmth and natural beauty. For the packaging design, we used a mix of clean lines and bold typography to create a modern, sophisticated look that was also approachable and friendly.

To convey Radiate's commitment to sustainability, we used eco-friendly materials and minimized the use of plastics in the packaging design. We also made sure that the design was versatile enough to be used across various product formats, from jars to bottles and tubes.

The Result

The result of our collaboration with Radiate was a beautiful, cohesive brand identity that effectively conveyed their key message of radiance and natural beauty.

The logo and packaging design received positive feedback from both Radiate's management and their target audience, with many customers commenting on the modern, sophisticated look and feel of the brand.

The design also effectively communicated Radiate's commitment to sustainability and natural ingredients, helping the brand to stand out in a crowded market and build a loyal customer base.

Testimonial from the Founder

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