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Learning Management System Custom Software Portfolio

Kurieta took on the challenge of building a learning management system similar to Coursera during COVID-19 for a school system. The goal was to enable the school to deliver courses online to their students efficiently, build exams, auto-grade exams and assignments.

UI/UX Design

Collaborated with the client to create a user-friendly and visually appealing interface that would make online learning easy and accessible for students.

Software Deveolopment

Developed a custom learning management system using a combination of PHP, Java, MySQL, and AWS technologies to meet the specific needs of the client.

Testing and Deployment

Conducted thorough testing and quality assurance to ensure the system was reliable and scalable. Successfully deployed the system remotely.

The Brief

Learning Management Software

The client needed a reliable platform that would enable them to continue delivering courses to their students even during the pandemic. They wanted a user-friendly system that was easy to navigate and allowed for seamless course delivery, assignments, and grading


The main challenge was the urgency to deliver the project quickly to ensure minimal loss of learning to the students. The entire implementation had to be done remotely, and there was a need for a platform that was easy to use for both teachers and students. Additionally, the system had to be secure and scalable to accommodate the growing number of users.

The Solution

Kurieta used a combination of PHP, Java, MySQL, and AWS to build a reliable and user-friendly learning management system. We designed a simple and intuitive interface that allowed teachers to easily create and manage courses, exams, and assignments. The system was also equipped with automated grading features, saving teachers time and allowing for quick feedback to students. The platform was built with security in mind, ensuring that all data was protected.


Kurieta successfully delivered the learning management system on time, allowing the school system to continue delivering courses to their students even during the pandemic. The system was well received by both teachers and students, with its ease of use and efficiency greatly improving the learning experience. The platform was scalable and adaptable, enabling the school system to continue using it beyond the pandemic.


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