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Alcohol Room Branding Portfolio

Kurieta was approached by Alcohol Room, a bar and restaurant, to refresh their brand image and increase customer engagement. The project involved creating a new logo, business cards, menu design and sign designs.

Brand Strategy

A comprehensive brand strategy that included a new logo, color palette, typography, and messaging guidelines.

Business Card

Professionally designed and printed business cards that accurately represented the brand identity.

Menu Design

A visually appealing and informative brochure that showcased Alchohol Room’s offerings.

The Brief

Alcohol Room : Re-Branding

The objective of the project was to rebrand Alcohol Room in a way that would appeal to a wider audience and increase customer engagement. Kurieta was tasked with creating a new logo, business cards, and sign designs that would reflect the new brand image.


The biggest challenge was to create a design that would appeal to both existing and potential customers. Alcohol Room had an established customer base, and it was important to retain their loyalty while also attracting new customers. Another challenge was to create a design that would stand out in a highly competitive market.

The Solution

Kurieta started by conducting research on the market and the target audience. They also reviewed Alcohol Room's existing branding to identify areas for improvement. Kurieta created several design concepts and worked closely with Alcohol Room to select the final design.
The new logo features a bold, modern font and a simplified icon that represents the restaurant and bar's signature drink. The business cards were designed with a clean and professional look, featuring the new logo and an inviting tagline. The sign designs were created to be eye-catching and easily recognizable from a distance, using bright colors and large lettering.

The Result

The new branding was well received by Alcohol Room's existing customers, and the restaurant and bar was able to attract new customers as well. The new design helped Alcohol Room stand out in a highly competitive market, and the restaurant and bar saw an increase in customer engagement and sales.
Overall, Kurieta was able to successfully rebrand Alcohol Room, creating a modern and professional image that appeals to a wider audience.

Testimonial From Owner of Alchol Room

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