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Cost effective & accurate data entry outsourcing services for your business from simple manual entry to complex transcription work, you can trust Kurieta with your data entry needs!

Online Data Entry Services

Effortlessly streamline your business operations with our Online Data Entry Services, ensuring accurate, efficient, and cost-effective data management tailored to your needs!

Offline Data Entry Services

Boost your productivity with our Offline Data Entry Services, providing precise and reliable data management solutions without the need for an internet connection!

Catalog Data Entry Services

Optimize your inventory management with our Catalog Data Entry Services, offering precise and organized data entry to keep your product listings up-to-date and easily accessible!

Image Data Entry Services

Transform visual content into valuable data with our Image Data Entry Services, ensuring accurate and efficient extraction of information from images for seamless integration into your systems!

Documents & PDF Data Entry Services

Enhance your document management with our Documents & PDF Data Entry Services, providing precise and reliable data extraction from all document formats for streamlined and accessible records!

Online Bills & Forms Data Entry Services

Simplify your financial and administrative processes with our Online Bills & Forms Data Entry Services, ensuring accurate and timely data entry for seamless transaction and record-keeping!

Online Data Capture Services

Revolutionize your data collection with our Online Data Capture Services, providing accurate and efficient extraction of real-time data from various online sources for enhanced business insights!

Questionnaire/Survey Data Entry

Maximize the value of your research with our Questionnaire/Survey Data Entry Services, delivering accurate and organized data entry from surveys to ensure reliable and actionable insights!

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Data Security

Ensure complete peace of mind with our services, offering 100% data security to protect your sensitive information with the highest standards of confidentiality and integrity!


Years In The Industry

Benefit from our extensive expertise with over 5 years of industry experience, ensuring reliable, efficient, and proven solutions tailored to your data entry needs!


Data Entry Professionals

Leverage our team of 168 dedicated data entry professionals, delivering precision, efficiency, and scalability to meet your data management requirements with excellence!

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